Mission and Values

Mission of the Church

The Mission of the church takes it's lead on the first century church of Acts 2:40–46.

Society as a whole, will never be redeemed (Acts 2:40). It is under the prince of the power of the air (Ephesians 2:2).

Like Jesus Christ Himself, the church should be preoccupied to rescue from society those who will be redeemed (Matthew 18:11).

The church thus sets his passion on Five key areas:

Apostle's Teaching: Doctrines that are canonized by the first century church and are progressively revealed by the Holy Spirit. A vibrant New Testament church should be devoted and should be responsible in handing down pure doctrines to the next generation.

Fellowship: Those who receive Jesus Christ become partners with Him in fulfilling the mission of the church, as well as partners with each other.

Breaking of Bread: Remembering and celebrating regularly the sacrifice of our Lord until He comes.

Prayer: Supernatural mission needs a supernatural involvement. Prayer moves the omnipotent hand of God as He builds and equips His church.

Power: The church remains in Reverend Fear of God, accomplishing our lives and in ministry with His power. Without His power, we will be involved in church work but we will fail to accomplish the work of the church.

Praise: To God be the honor and glory for the great things He has done.

The single greatest thing in any city needs is the powerful witness of a church that is totally devoted to its mission, totally dependent upon its Messiah, and totally empowered by the true and living God.